A Hino Volgren bus.

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How did TIBS started?Edit

Trans Island Bus Services or TIBS is a former Singaporean public bus company that started on 31 May 1982 by a public bus operator Singapore Shuttle Bus. The Singapore government proposed another bus operator to compete with SBS (Singapore Bus Services) (now SBS Transit). 

TIBS began plying services 160 and 167 that was given by SBS. From then on, the goverment gave them privallage to ply services in the Northern areas of Singapore such as Woodlands Mega Town (consisting of Marsiling, Woodlands Old Town Centre, Admiralty and Sembwang) and Yishun. 

On 12 March 1987, TIBS took over SSB and restructure it's service. SSB will operate limited express services to the city centre. 

By the time the 1990s came, TIBS start to flourish.

TIBS trailed the 1990sEdit

On 2 May 1990, TIBS Taxis Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of TIBS, was formed to operate taxi services. It is the only company in Singapore to operate a fleet of entirely large capacity taxis. It also operates the world-famous London taxis.

Another subsidiary, TIBS Motors Pte. Ltd., was set up in 1990 to provide workshop services and carry out business as a distributor and agent for some motor vehicles.

In 1991, TIBS underwent a restructuring, bringing its subsidiaries under TIBS Holdings Limited.

Merger with SMRT

In 2001, it merged with Singapore MRT and became a subsidiary of the SMRT Corporation. On 10 May 2004, in a S$2.5 million rebranding exercise the name "TIBS" was changed to SMRT Buses Limited (bus services) and SMRT Taxis (taxi services). The livery of all buses were subsequently painted to red from yellow.